it was like a soft candy
the caramel and the strawberry
is it alright to think about sweets
all the time

pants, shirt & blouse: american apparel - flats: mom's - purse: vintage
photos by mima

a navy blues
like a dark day mood
the sun is hiding the storm
but tonight for sure
the world will change
denim navy pearl

bodysuit: american apparel - shorts & pearls: vintage - loafers: haruta
photos by mima

kind of retro
gringham and pants
brown on magenta
i just felt it very simple today

shirt & belt: american apparel - pants: melvin - heels: zara

i love the forest so much
the light there is so soft
and the time so smooth
it feels like chiffon and lace
on my skin

dress & shirt: american apparel - flats: mom's - purse: vintage
photos by jordan

just a little stop
on my way
the time to read, listen and feel
coral again
but trapped this time
between white and beige

pants, shirt & scarf: american apparel - top: old school h&m - flats: chic - purse: miu miu

lilac and white flowers
some pearls
brown leather accessories
and coral again
that is today's recipe

skirt: american apparel - sweater & purse: vintage - boots: cecil

Mary Marie is the last "coup de coeur" I had !
If you love cinema like I do and have a passion for vintage fashion,
it is probably the movie you are waiting for.

Alexandra Roxo and Alana Kearns-Green incarnate feminity and sensitivity.
The aesthetic of the photography, the vintage fashion and the incredible light covering the two actresses open the door to the nostalgic summer of Mary and Marie.

I fell in love with the TRAILER

blue and green vintage dress gifted by Nicole mark

Red bathing suit is 60's vintage Calvin Klein

Restructured plaid dress and yellow dress

Vintage handmade blue and white striped romper


Where do you usually find your inspiration ?
I get very inspired by fashion photography. Lula Magazine is one of my favorites. I love their editorial shoots.

Mary, Marie, two very similar names for two sisters .... why ?
That question is revealed in the I can't say much about it without giving anything away.

Why Alana Kearns-Green ?
Alana Kearns-Green and I went to school together at NYU and have a very similar aesthetic. We wanted to write something we could act in together and since we had been working together for so long it only made sense.

Why the choice of vintage items for the costumes?
We wanted the feel to be very antique and vintage and summery. The house where the film takes place is full of antiques and we wanted to costumes to match that feeling.

Do you wear vintage yourself?
I love wearing vintage. It's within my budget, good for the environment, and I know 3,000 other girls won't have the same outfit on as me.

Where do you prefer to shop ?
I grew up in Georgia so when I go home to visit I usually come back with bags of clothes. You can find really gorgeous items for so cheap! Recently in Georgia I found a beautiful red Italian leather vintage pencil skirt and also a hand made trench coat from London that both fit me perfectly. There are also some vintage stores on Long Island that I love. A month or so ago I found two dresses at one of them that look straight out of Betty Draper's closet. They fit me like a glove.

*The film premieres June 4th at the Brooklyn Film Festival. Buy your tickets here:

like a flower parfum in the air
soft pink and coral

shorts & belt: american apparel - top: old school h&m - hat: vintage - scarf: handmade