is japan a developping country ?
i think i say oui
it took 1month to get internet in my new place
? why ?
i still try to figure out
but japan is also the cherry blossom country
and the time of hana mi has come
sad that spring is missing this time

4 commentaires:

  1. I love cherry blossoms. Beautiful pictures. I really want to be in Japan at the time of hanami once in my life!

  2. it's too cold to go hana mi!
    but i have to hurry before all of the cherry blossoms fly away!!

    but i'm glad the sun is coming out!

    oh, and i know the girl in the second picture, she goes to my school!!

  3. im jealous. i wanna see cherry blossoms too! so nice.

  4. nana you that girl ?
    the world is such a small village, ne