... mon armoire, votre choix ...
i got this adorable skirt in h&m
i fell for this skirt and its cut
and you know what ....
i realised i didn't have any black skirt
sounds crazy i know
but it's probably the result of my beige and pale obssession
so here are some ideas to wear it
tell me what you prefer ...

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh my god this skirt is so cute!

    Love all the ways but the best to me are n°1 and 3. The 2 is very sexy lol.

    I love your blog <3

  2. This may be a bit late,but I do very much like Choix n1. Though Choix n3 seems to draw much more attention to the skirt(which is lovely by the way). Either style is very cute.