poppy pumpkin

(velvet scrunchie american apparel - coat & dress vintage - mary janes steve madden - purse a.p.c.)

2 days before halloween and i am already looking like a pumpkin
an end of october with 30 degree celcius was actually the perfect occasion to wear my brand new velvet backless dress
it made me smile to pair it with my poppy coat
after all it's only my second halloween in the usa !

3 commentaires:

  1. Man I adore that strong poppy red colour! You look lovely and you master simplicity :) Long live long hair like ours ^_^.
    Hope you enjoy your halloween! And the fall despite its rude weather lately!

    Cheers and much happiness to you.


  2. la robe et la veste te vont super bien, j'aime trés fort