deep purple

(jeans, chiffon blouse & belt american apparel - cardigan & sandals vintage - glass earings from Murano)
i fell in love with this cozy cardigan, the structure of it is so clear that it might work as a jacket as well
i love those cameleon items, the one you can wear day and night, with a jean or a night dress
i am usually not a purple person, as much as i love blue and even red, the mix of it is not my cup of tea
but the deep shade of this piece and the mix of purple wool was just so attractive
i am on my way to San Diego now ....
hope you have a wonderful saturday!

4 commentaires:

  1. that coat is so amazing! all the colours are just fab xx


  2. i love your coat!

  3. you're one of the cutest girl I've ever seen. Followyour blog for awhile and courious on every new post.