mormon girl

(pants, belt and turtleneck american apparel - hair bow california select vintage - sweater and heels vintage - backpack vintage coach)

this outfit has a little story
i was at work wearing this outfit when Martine decided to take a picture of my outfit for insagram
because i was wearing some of our very new pieces such as the pant
verdict from the instagram crew following american apparel : i look like a mormon in this outfit
hahahahaha i have to say i was expecting everything but that
this actually stayed in my mind because i kind of see what they mean
it is true that the turtleneck is a little stricte, but here it is, i was dying for layers
so at the first cold day, i couldn't resist wearing all this at once
my bad my bad, but after all, i think i am quite classic, and i love it!

10 commentaires:

  1. haha mormon. but i absolutely love your outfit. those pants are beautiful

  2. Girl, you OWN this look. It is conservative sure but it's also really, really stylish and fun! Love the big bow and backpack purse.

  3. dans les reportages, les mormons ressemblent plus à des paysans début du 19ème, fin du 18ème lol, tu es trés belle, et au moins avec ce pull t'es sur d'avoir chaud

    1. Tu ne confonds pas avec les Amish?

    2. si c'est possible effectivement mdr

  4. Love your cable knit sweater. It looks amazing with the pants. Looks sophisticated and polished.