__en chasuble__

the first days of spring are already here in los angeles. it might not last so i take a full advantage of it.
i found a over-over-sized denim dress in a goodwill recently. i cut the length to my desire and just enjoyed the wide opening at the arms level. it gives a weird dynamic to the dress and it's perfect to be worn with crop tops. 
denim and stripes, i can't get enough of you.

crop top from my childhood - denim chasuble goodwill - socks american apparel - shoes urban outfitters

8 commentaires:

  1. Such an adorable outfit! Stripes and denim can never go wrong x


  2. i dunno but to me baby socks and shoes are a little bit over the top although your perfect body can approach everything.
    I wonder what's in the lunch box :)

  3. don't do it, you look beautiful in it. I said "to me", on you they are almost perfect. I suspect they love you as much as you love them. It seems you put a spell on everything you wear...

  4. Hey girl! I love this outfit! Would it be ok if I did a fashion illustration based on your look on this post? My site is naomisutanto.com. Let me know what you think!