this is my recent uniform. if i am a little lazy, or have a busy days running around. it is pretty much what i will end wearing. jeans, sweatshirt, light trench and sneakers. 
i also love to carry that oversized tote everywhere, i feel like i can hide anything in it, but of course it also easily become a real mess in there!
note about the sweatshirt, i ironed the letters myself while in my monogram phase, and here is a little something about me, BCMP are the initials of my middle names ... 
yes i have 4 ...  Anais Brigitte Claire Monique Philippine, nice to meet you!

jeans, tote and sweatshirt american apparel - trench la redoute - sneakers nike

5 commentaires:

  1. haha, 4 middle names!

  2. Love the sporty look with the classic trench!

  3. I love this look! My son has 4 middle names also! He is Elias Ludwig Ryan Krishna Passepartout !

  4. I love this look! My son has 4 middle names as well, he is Elias Ludwig Ryan Krishna Passepartout! Your names are beautiful!