what i love in tokyo
is the travel you can catch at every corner
for 5 minutes
i am far away
love that new grey shirt !

4 commentaires:

  1. seriously japan has the greatest train system in the world.

  2. I love all the little poems you have to accompany your photos. This outfit is so stylish! Very minimalist but pretty and well put together.

  3. what a lovely blog you have! it should deserve to be more famous :) i have a couple of questions for you if it's not too indiscreet...
    I would love to move to Japan but I am wondering if the language barrier is not too impossible to overcome ...I'd love to learn of course but to begin with (or rather without) it must be very difficult... I mean do you speak Japanese/ good Japanese or can you get away with only English? I've heard that English wasn't very spoken out there...

    thanks a lot and keep it up ! :)