oversize shirt with light blue stripes
it is vintage
i walk in shibuya
far from the japanese serenity
it is shibuya
and sometimes, you find a cat .....

4 commentaires:

  1. This oversized shirt is absolutely lovely and sooo sexy wore with little white socks and nothing else...Brave girl!

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter - 100% italian street style


  2. Miaou :P
    J'aime vraiment comment tu t'habilles, je voulais te le dire. C'est simple et sophistiqué.

  3. Fantastic Post!!! I like the way you dress:) fake handbag

  4. yes, shibuya is like a country of its own!
    the cat is so cute

    and i love the song Home!!!
    i listen to it all the time, and it makes me miss my friends and family back home, but now japan is my temporary home, so maybe later when i leave and listen to this song i will miss japan~~