denim blues

(denim skirt, denim button-up & pouch american apparel - sandals marc jacobs - earings vintage christian dior)

this morning i woke up and try to do something with my hair
i had this feeling that i maybe should cut it all
but i'll cry for sure !
so back at the same point, what can i do with those hair ?

5 commentaires:

  1. You look beautiful in those blue colors! Put it in a long loose braid and have it on your back or to the side. I am so jealous of people who can do that;) To change the look of your hair you can also move the parting:)
    Love, Änglamark.

    1. That's kind of true ! I should try more hair style and dare to play with it ! Thank you.

  2. amazing style!Love your blog soo much,you are such a pretty girl!And love your haiiiiiiir!Amazing!Following you now

  3. I like when you braid your hair. You can try a topknot, too. Or braid at night and wake up with waves since you usually go straight with it. If you want to cut it, do it gradually; a few inches at a time so it's not such a shock to you.

  4. Un look tout demin vraiment sympas
    j'adore :)