Trapeze Dress Give Away

I want your opinion on this dress !
We made a sample at our factory the other day and it has really caught on around the office.
It is one size with adjustable straps and feels glamorous and easygoing all at once.

American Apparel wants to hear what you think of the design. Post your thoughts here.
If we get enough positive feedback to make the dress, Mr.Chang, our expert patternmaker and sewer, will work with a small sewing team to hand-make a limited run at our Los Angeles factory.
Please "like", share and comment with feedback and suggestions. We will read everything and with enough thumbs up, will go full steam ahead and make it available on our web site in the first weeks of January! That's vertical integration at work.

Regardless of whether we end up making the dress or not, we have 5 beautiful samples that we will be giving away to people that participated in the process. On the morning of December 28, will select 5 people at random via the comments on our Coming Soon page. The dresses will be rush shipped to the winners to arrive in time for New Years Eve!

Let us know what you think, and thanks for being a part of our design process!

P.S.: You can see more photos of the dress on Taghrid's blog.

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