en ecossaise

(turtleneck & bow american apparel - skirt & socks vintage - loafers haruta - satchel polo ralph lauren)

some days are made for plaid

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  1. cute. lovin' the old throwback feel~


  2. great look, i love this combination :) kisses


  3. sigh. there are many days and times when i really like your unique sense of style. that said, i'm not a fan of the kinds of outfits like today's. there is a sort of strange "petite fille" thing going on that, on a grown woman, infantilizes you and women in general, and further imbeds this schoolgirl fetish that i think does no favours to us. i appreciate the feeling of freedom that not wearing a bra brings - trust me, i try to get away with it as much as possible - but paired with this kind of outfit, i find it odd-looking and like you're about to step into an amateur porn video.

    i'm sorry, i'm simply sharing my thoughts since this is a public site... i don't mean to attack, but just some food for thought i guess. i don't know how old you are, it just pains me to see a beautiful grown woman resort back to a 12 year old's style in this way. rather than point towards our freedom and equality, it seems to prevent women from appearing like the grown-ups we've become.

  4. nothing says i love you like no bra :)

  5. love this outfit

    from a long time reader that's never commented before or really used blogger.

    but i'm definitely going to be following your blog now!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC