i just moved in my new place
a kind of wonderland in LA
to be precised it is a tree house in mount washington
but playing in the garden
i already met some life beings
apparently tottoro lives in my neighborhood
good to know
it is still chilly in here
winter is really weird this year

5 commentaires:

  1. WoW! It seems such a nice place, gardens and animals, so fanciful!

  2. Beautiful place, I love the photos! How cool you have squirrels and Totoro in your garden :D
    And you look wonderful in the maxi skirt!

  3. oh le beaux tricot bleux que je kiffe trop

  4. What size did you get of this cable knit sweater? Wanted to buy one but not sure didn't want it too cropped, what height are you? Beautiful photos btw, love the wild life and nature in it :)

  5. Hi, love the wildlife and nature in this, what size did you get of this sweater?, wanted one but was unsure if it would be cropped or not, are you above 5ft 6" tall? sorry for all the questions :)