__10 inches shorter__

so ... i finally did it.
not as short as my wildest dreams but short enough to make a real change.
i want to apologize to all of you who wrote to me and asked not to cut it.... but i really needed it.

you know sometimes things go to a point that you need to say "enough!" and that was that point. something needed to go, and even tough i was sometimes thinking about cutting one of my arm off, i eventually went for my hair.

i must admit, i freaked out about an hour after it was done and thought i made a big mistake, but i think i actually really love it. plus it will grow back and healthier.

jumpsuit nasty gal - socks from my husband - loafers haruta

9 commentaires:

  1. you look so good! you'll grow into it eventually :)

  2. I Know exactly what you mean because I have the same problem with my hair... I mean I have long hair since ever, and even if I like it, sometimes I just need to change, to move on.... Today I ´m still scared; I Would like to have my hair shoulder length but I ´m not sûre to ne ready yet...

    You look amazing like that !



  3. thought you meant a bob cut. this chop is not affecting the proportions of the face. you look good, I would say as usual [not a big change ;)]. maybe your lower back is a little more cold

  4. You look amazing! I love your new hair! Looks classy and it suits your face so well.

  5. I like the jumpsuit paired with socks!

  6. I love the jumpsuit with the black knee socks and black loafers — an appealing contrast of the informal female and the formal male. I'd like to see you more often in a combo like that!

  7. I love the way this looks on you actually - fresh and new :)

  8. Tres jolie!! You look even more beautiful now!