every 2 years or so, the tropical prints are coming back, with different intensity of course, but still, the circle meets itself.
i am not a huge fan of prints and even less when the prints are bold and colorful.
but this vintage button-up s very special to me, it is hawaiian and yet navy. it is almost proper when i wear it with my pleated skirt. i love to mix items of different purposes.

button-up and trench coat vintage - skirt mom's - sandals topshop

5 commentaires:

  1. I really hate your button-up and I hate myself for wanting to tell you. It reminds me of some rough tourist find and I love details. I really think it's hideous... It whispers of being randomly picked up from a pile of stuff. Love the rest of this outfit. (I know it is just a state of mind, but let me take you from Hawaii to London. Call it a journey through my eyed mental illness)

    Charmes de Londres
    Venus en visite vous m’avez à peine regardée
    Et vous direz plus tard que vous me connaissez
    Seuls peuvent connaître les secrets d’une ville
    Les vrais prénoms de sa beauté
    Ceux qui lui donnent leurs pas sans le compter
    Ainsi parle la Ville aux touristes pressés
    (J. Prévert)

    1. haha, it is really touristy indeed, but there is some charm about it. Thank you for your honesty at least!

  2. J'adore le manteau, la coupe, la couleur : parfait !