le printemps est la

(skirt, petticoat & sandals american apparel - top vintage - purse banana republic)

spring is my very favorite season
it is the moment of the year offering the best smell
and this incredible hope for better days
because in belgium, where i am from, it is not sure the hot days would come
when i was very young, my friends and i used to imagine our own native tribe
the achan chinou .... and my native name was
petite fleur de printemps qui meurt en hiver
little spring flower dying when comes winter
life ....

5 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful photos! Your voluminous circle skirt is super pretty. Love the color and the silhouette. Your old nickname was beautiful (and a bit tragic).

  2. love the whole outfit! :)
    those flowers are so beautiful.


  3. just found your blog...very nice quality pictures! :)