bloody mary

(pants american apparel - blouse, coat & shoes vintage - purse banana republic - umbrella gift)
it was a strict outfit for a rainy day
many people talk about where they find the inspiration to create outfits everyday
in my case, i am very influenced by what I read ...
and now i am in the middle of "mary tudor, the spanish tudor" also known as bloody mary ....
she was a strong, proud and humble catholic queen and yes, she also gave birth to some of the greatest massacres of england's history.
but i decided to read this biography to learn about how she became such a vilain
anyway ..... this explain my sudden attraction for black and a more strict silhouette
i guess we all have some weird uncontrolled inspirations

4 commentaires:

  1. Love that coat! Looks incredible on you!

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  2. la chemise et le manteau te vont trés bien

  3. definitely you are snaps of silent poetry for eyes