it is almost black, it's dark mocha
i must that i am totally in love with that skirt
you know, when there is an item in your closet you wanna wear every day
that is matching with everything and that you find perfect for each outfit
well that's that leather skirt to me

the only choice i have now, the free myself from it, is to get another one in another color
but which one?

skirt & shoes american apparel - button-up jordan's - rain coat vintage

6 commentaires:

  1. I love these photos - the skirt and white blouse suit you well! Maybe navy blue if there is one?

  2. i can't find the shoes you're wearing available on american apparel's website. are they in store only shoes?

    1. We are having more of them coming in the week coming!
      I'll post something on my facebook when it's up online.

      And good news, many colors will be added to the clear one!


  3. Love!

  4. absolutely lovely, you're totally channeling Meryl Streep in Manhattan on this number! love!