winter in los angeles feels like a spring time in belgium
it's what i prefer because it allows me to play with layers
for the little story... that morning i went for breakfast to Home in Silverlake with Jordan
feeling full and happy we noticed a tiny tray that was drawing up the hill
and of course Jordan proposed me to follow it ... and here we are. in a small heaven protected from the city, in the middle of LA. I love that!
bad point, i was wearing my melissa wedges, definitely the worse shoes for hiking!

pants and lace tee american apparel - blouse and jacket vintage - purse forever21 - shoes melissa

5 commentaires:

  1. I was about to ask; wow how you climbed with these heels, and I read you mentioned already:)
    I really love Melissa shoes, especially their flower spirit smells...
    I like your blouse and jacket and the way how you combine them <3


  2. Thank you for sharing your story!
    You look lovely!

  3. you makes me wanna mix and dress up. love your sense of style. you look stunning. that place really looks like heaven from my perspective, which is the snowy part of the world./eddie

  4. I love the orange coat!

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