knit & leather

(collared shirt & tights american apparel - knit dress zara - heels lowrys farm japan)

i had love at the first sight with that knit sweater
i selected the L size and directly decided that i would wear it as a dress
i love the couple knit and leather
and it is also a salut to my first love, beige.

6 commentaires:

  1. you have long legs
    : )

  2. you and your blog are so inspiring!


  3. So lovely.......

    Everything..your understated, pretty smile, your lovely to die for hair...... and your style..I always love your colors....

    The sweater over tights reminds me of growing up with my older sisters as a boy...... we all wore our dance tights underneath big sweaters around the house.....

    Now I wear them on campus.....

    I will keep following you always