on the road

my first time off since i started working for american apparel 
jordan and i decided to head to arizona to see the Grand Canyon
so far one of the most beautiful scenary i ever seen
the blue of the sky meeting the dust of the earth 
i could stay there for the rest of my life
it was also a very good occasion to visit some other places on the way
america is made for road trip !

6 commentaires:

  1. Wow... Je lis tous tes articles et j'adooore ton blog mais alors là, tu viens de me laisser bouche bée. Ces photos sont absolument sublimes, mais sublimes. Merci ♥

    1. Merci merci pour tous ces compliments Victoria !

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful girl :)
    XOXO from France !

  3. Beautiful! This is my dream trip, driving around America x

  4. j'aime bien la photos 18/31

  5. when i look at you i want to cry for jealous your so beautiful it makes my heart ache.