(pleated pants, belt & bodysuit american apparel - satchel polo by ralph lauren - heels vintage)

sunset is my favorite part of the day in LA
i can see downtown glowing like gold from my appartement and it's gorgeous
with pleated pants and polka dots, i feel like coming out from an '80s tv show
we say classic never dies

8 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful pix ! You're beautiful <3

  2. OH MY GOD! This idea is simplistic perfection! I'm so inspired by this outfit and your fantastic photographs. I love the larger size of your photos -- keep it!

  3. Dear Anais, I like your eclectic style very much. You have a very cute feminine discret and cute girly style. You show people how stylish one can be even without a large wardrobe full of designer clothes. Also I like it that you resist puting a lot of make up and opt for a more natural look.

    1. Thank you very much. all this touches me very much. I especially appreciate when people support the non-make-up thing of mine. I don't have anything against make-up, it is just that I love natural beauty so much more !
      And so far I must say, most of the girls I met are a lot more beautiful all natural.