i spent some hours in a nice little cafe in shinagawa
drinking a hot cocoa made with real chocolate
and reading a nice book .... my obsession ....
the israëlo-palestinian conflict
i love to read books written from both sides
it's the only way to understand each others and to have peace
it's maybe why grey is my favorite colour
the good middle between black and white

5 commentaires:

  1. i love the yellow tinge to the photos. is the book available in english? my french is quite dismal.

  2. love that yellow skirt and that blouse!! so adorable (:

  3. u look pretty as always. but is it not winter in tokyo now? ^^

  4. Oh What a great way to pair a yellow skirt; the white blouse is perfect!

    -Coco From Our Paper Moon

  5. Love these photos, you have great style!