marcher aux puces
that is probably the best thing in europe
i went trough asia and america and i must say i found many great things
but what europe is definetly the best for ..... it is antiques
yes the old continent still many treasures to find out

this post is little bit special because i talk more than the usual
i actually realised i feel talking more and even discussing more
it's why i just created the thetimeisgrey facebook page
i hope you gonna pass by and enjoy it
i will probably talk a lot more about the places i go, the music i post and the tings i like
i hope to meet you there
thank you so much for following me

pants, shoes & bag: american apparel - shirt: h&m - cardigan: mom's - trench coat: vintage
photos by steggi

6 commentaires:

  1. i like you. you always pick the right words.

  2. I always love how you wear your outfits <3 Gorgeous!


  3. Oh I just love those markets! So many beautiful things there. And I love this look on you! i AM A NEW FOLLOWER ;)

  4. Its so beautiful there
    Cant find fb can u send me link?