this saturday was paradise in brussels
the sun was there and an incredible smell of spring
i was classic
probably more than usually
i found this sweater in the attic of my house
it was my grand mother's
i love to find some old treasures lost like that
plus classic is timeless and i love it

sweater: vintage - belt & bag: american apparel - skirt: zara - shoes: haruta
photos by steggi

7 commentaires:

  1. Lovely skirt! Wish I had an attic filled with forgotten treasures, reday to be rediscovered.
    love Änglamark.

  2. I love to wear my grandmother's old things :) and if they don't need any altering, even better!

  3. Lovely outfit!

  4. That is one amazing skirt. And I like how it looks on you, it's so chic :D Great outfit!

  5. lovely, everything is perfect! great colors.