__it's cold__

i love how adding white makes any outfit looking colder and cleaner
especially when those white elements have a more sporty look
i feel i am always torn between one thing and the other and finally i try to balance as much as i can
little note, this skirt is my tradition, i wear it every year when i start christmas shopping
i am pretty late this year

skirt vintage - top zara - belt american apparel - tennis shoe ebay

5 commentaires:

  1. To be honest, I feel freezy when I look at these pics :))
    Because it's snowing here (istanbul) andI can't imagine that I wear these pieces. L.A must be sunny and hot opposite to Europe!
    Great combination by the way, so still and this one reminds me Dazed and confused fashion pics :)

  2. How have I only just discovered your blog!! Love your style
    Lucia's Loves

  3. wow can u give me adress to buy those shoes? they are amazing!!!