__disposable magazine__

i wanted to share this with all of you...
of course, you guys know that I have been working at American Apparel already for the past 4 years, but more recently i decided to start a project of my own.

learn more about it here -> www.disposablemagazine.com

Disposable Magazine is a global collective of inventive minds. Though the magazine is based in Los Angeles, our contributors come from all corners of the world. In an effort to continually discover new inspirations and document unseen surroundings, we send disposable cameras to our favorite far-flung creators and allow them to shoot whatever stimulates them.
We select members from every kind of artistic field to join in the evolution of our vision, though all of our participants are united by a shared passion for timeless ideals: Patience, authenticity and commitment to craft.
We believe that the medium of film remains the ideal mode for expressing these principles. In a contemporary landscape where culture becomes increasingly commercialized and disposable by the day, we seek to create something lasting by using the most humble of tools.

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